G-spot in men is stimulated. Where is the g-spot and how to achieve orgasm with it

Until recently, the debate about the existence of the G-spot did not stop until one of the American scientists put an end to various speculations by examining the body of an elderly woman. She found that the desired erogenous zone was located on the upper wall of the vagina and felt like a walnut to the touch. When this point is stimulated, a woman reaches orgasm in a short time, with proper and continuous stimulation, the time is reduced to 10 seconds (in rare cases).

Unfortunately, the G-spot has not been fully explored. There are still no answers to several questions: is it present in every woman, and if so, can anyone get an orgasm from its stimulation?

How to start finding the G-spot

Your partner can find the G-spot, or you can find it yourself. To do this, you need to insert two or three fingers into the vagina, apply a special lubricant to them first. After inserting the finger into the vagina, you need to bend it to touch the upper wall.

How to stimulate the G-spot

Insert the lubricated finger into the vagina, with the other hand gently press the pubis, the finger inserted into the vagina should move up and down, while you can pay attention to the clitoris, for sharpness. You can do this without the help of a partner. You can also find the point yourself using the vibrator.

If your partner's penis naturally bends slightly upwards, then you'll have more arousal-promoting poses, and even classic missionary is on the bill. Another easy and effective position is for the woman on top and the partner to face each other.

What is an orgasm jet?

When stimulating the G-spot, a girl can also experience a jet orgasm. During such an orgasm, certain fluids are released from the girl's vagina. To get such an orgasm, the partner must insert the lubricated fingers and move them up and down the vaginal wall, this must be done carefully so as not to cause pain. Before that, your partner should help you relax with a massage using massage oil. The girl should lie on her back, bending her knees.

During jet orgasm, there is a desire to urinate, but this feeling quickly passes and the desired pleasure comes. However, it is recommended for your confidence to go to the toilet before the procedure.

If the first time you do not manage to experience any kind of orgasm, do not be discouraged, everything has its time. Sometimes girls achieve results only after 2 weeks of training. You just have to learn to relax and trust your partner completely.

Where is the G-spot in women, and how to find it? These interesting questions concern almost all modern people. Women want to get the indelible and incomparable sensation caused by the stimulation of this zone. Men want to please their partner and at the same time increase their self-esteem as a talented and experienced lover. In this article, we try to explain in as much detail as possible where to find this magic point.

The female G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, at a distance of about 3-5 cm from the entrance. However, the point location range is 1-10 cm. Moreover, it is far from always located in the middle of the wall. Often the point is found on the right or left side.

Finding the G spot is not so easy, but the result will pay off all your efforts. Most importantly, do not forget that in a calm state, the mysterious point is invisible and does not exceed the size of a pea. In an excited state, it swells, doubles in size and becomes clear. The point zone or rather has a slightly rough surface and is somewhat reminiscent of goosebumps or walnut skin, in contrast to the smooth texture of the main part of the vagina.

So, let's start looking for the magic point:

  1. First of all, make every effort to create intense pleasure in your partner. Ideally, try to bring her to orgasm. At the time before it begins or immediately after, the point is best investigated.
  2. The easiest to find is a position where the partner lies on his back, and his legs are widely spaced. Slowly insert two fingers into the vagina, feel the area under the pubic bone itself. Remember at the same time that digital statistics about the location of the G-spot are not axioms, and for different women the valuable zone may not be in the same place.
  3. In almost all the fair sex, this part of the vagina is characterized by reduced sensitivity. Therefore, to detect it, it is often necessary to press hard enough and actively on the studied area. Ask the woman to suggest which direction you should move.
  4. If while you're looking for a partner you feel the urge to urinate, chances are you're on the right track. When you press the G-spot, this reaction, along with discomfort, appears in many women. Don't worry, this type of sensation wears off quickly and is replaced by a growing sense of excitement.
  5. The G-spot resembles a small hard lump, no bigger than a pea. Try holding it with two fingers. Then start rhythmically squeezing and opening the lump, pressing and releasing it, while trying to act strongly and at the same time delicately to avoid injury to the sensitive vaginal mucosa.

Everyone around talks about the G-spot, but few people talk about other erogenous zones that are equally important for a woman. If you learn to arouse these points, orgasm will never escape from under your nose again.

Erogenous zone in women

Many people have heard more than once about the magical properties of the G spot on the female body, but not many understand what is hidden behind this name, and very few people know about the existence of at least 3 more special points, which are stimuli that will givea woman is especially a pleasant sensation. The same erogenous zone in women is called the point A, K, U, that is, the whole "female alphabet" consists of the acronym G-A-K-U.

Let's take a closer look at what the erogenous zones on the female body are, where they are located, how to stimulate them, and what effects women will get from stimulation.

The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina at a depth of 4-5 centimeters from the entrance to the vagina. It is a hypersensitive area of the vagina, measuring 1. 5 to 2 cm, containing 600 nerve endings per square millimeter, unlike other areas that contain no more than 30 nerve endings. That is, the stimulation of this zone will bring 20 times the pleasure. In women, this erogenous zone can be easily stimulated with a finger or a small vibrator that has a suitable purpose and shape.

Where is the most erogenous zone in women?

Point A

Where is the female erogenous zone called point A? You can find this intimate point in the front of the vagina, between the bladder and the cervix, it is, like G, a supersensitive area 2 to 4 cm in size. With strong stimulation, the tissue around the uterus begins to contract strongly, and a man's penis can penetrate the neck by almost 3 centimeters. In addition, this zone does not become hypersensitive after orgasm, which makes it possible to prolong the pleasure.


The K-spot is located on the back wall of the vagina, and the stimulation of this point is done during anal sex, but on condition that the wall between the rectum and the vagina is not too thick. The stimulation of this zone, unlike the previous two zones, does not provide a colorful experience of emotions, love and affection for the partner, but provides a sharp and clear orgasm.

U eye

What other erogenous zones do women have? The U point is soft erectile tissue, also permeated with nerve endings to a greater extent than the surrounding tissue. It can be found in the urethral vestibule. During U-spot stimulation, there is a strong sexual desire and the urge to urinate at the same time. In this case, the effect is not only on the U point, but also on Skene's gland, the so-called "prostate gland" of women, which is located throughout the body of the urethral sponge. This zone is individual for each woman and can be located at the exit of the urethra, in the middle of the canal or in the neck itself. Their location is an important factor for the sensitivity of U-spots. During normal intercourse, the U-spot is not affected, so it must be stimulated separately, with circular movements of the fingers. Simultaneous stimulation of the G and U points in women sometimes leads to the so-called "squirt" and double orgasm.

There is an opinion that the main organ of men is the penis. All erogenous zones are concentrated on it. In fact, in the body of any man there is another powerful sexual tool that takes an active part in every sexual relationship. This refers to the prostate gland or, in other words, the prostate.

In arousal, some people remember the presence of the prostate. And really in vain. He, like the main male sexual organ, is very sensitive to stimulation. Some sex experts put it on par with the female G-spot, because the efficient effect on the prostate is accompanied by unforgettable pleasure.

How to find this mysterious zone in a man's body? >

  1. Before you start looking for precious spots on your partner's body, ask him to go through a little preparation. A man should clean the intestines and empty the rectum with an enema, which will make the massage of such an intimate place more aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Do your best to make your partner relax and trust you completely. Its internal uncertainty will lead to the contraction of the sphincter and the complete failure of your sexual attempts. Find out from the man if he really wants to be a part of this. Otherwise, instead of bright pleasure, he will only feel discomfort and pain.
  3. Cut your nails without fail. If you have extended your nails, do not try to start looking for the G-spot, because this is fraught with the appearance of microtrauma in the rectum of your loved one.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly, not only before, but also after finding and finding valuable points. Do not touch the hands used in the search to the male genitalia or to your genitals, and even better, use disposable gloves. Therefore, you will protect yourself from various microorganisms from the partner's colon, which can lead to the development of the inflammatory process.
  5. Do not start looking for the prostate at the beginning of sexual intercourse. It is better to move it to the moment when you feel the onset of the impending climax. Otherwise, you can destroy your partner's sexual mood and even make him uncomfortable.
  6. prostate and g-spot massage for men
  7. Give your man an erotic massage, starting from the head and smoothly moving to the stomach and back. Pay special attention to the back. Massage your partner with soft, gentle movements.
  8. Let your man lie on his back. At this time, you will settle between her legs and very delicately and carefully insert your fingers into her anus, while not forgetting to use vaseline oil or a special lubricant. Move forward about 4-5 cm and try to feel on the front wall of the intestine from the side of the stomach a lump the size of a chestnut.
  9. Alternatively, you can ask your partner to take a knee-elbow position or lie on your side, preferably the right one, and press your knees tightly to your stomach. This position will not only make it easier for you, but also allow a man to experience multiple orgasms. In this pose, the pelvic muscles are maximally relaxed.
women's location and ji point

A full sexual life is a guarantee of good health, excellent mood, youth and family happiness. In order for both partners to get absolute pleasure from intimacy, you need to know how to find the ji point.

Stimulation of the erogenous zone allows both the man and his partner to reach orgasm.

The fact that there is a special place - dot ji, they began to talk back in the middle of the last century. There is still no consensus on where the g-spot is. Women usually have no problem in determining the coordinates.

ji point location in women

This place is located on the front wall of the vagina - from 3 to 5 cm from the entrance. What the erogenous epicenter itself looks like can be seen on a special video. There are also photos where special places look like small-sized beans.

To recognize the ji point, it is not necessary to study the video. This spot is quite noticeable by tactile inspection. If this area is stimulated, then there is a significant increase in size (in some women several times).

Finding erogenous points is not difficult at all, for this you need to feel the anterior wall of the vagina. This area will be rougher and rougher, which is not typical for the rest of the mucosa.

The easiest way to find the g-spot is when a woman is in a state of sexual stimulation. This zone is less sensitive for any girl, so it needs to be additionally stimulated and active. To master the practical techniques of such stimulation, you can watch a video.

When sexual intercourse occurs, there is no stimulation of the g pole, so some women have doubts about the presence of such a place. Each girl has it individually. Therefore, to detect the presence of the micro-ji zone, one of the optimal postures should be chosen.

female genitourinary system and gee point

This includes the following provisions:

  • partner is behind;
  • the girl takes a rider-like pose and leans back hard.

Even careful study of videos or photos does not always help in finding the answer, how to find the dot ji? This does not mean that your sex life will be less interesting.

Point ji is a unique place. However, for most women, the emotional rather than the physiological sensation of sex is preferred. Some girls realize that they do not enjoy g erogenous chakra stimulation at all.

The older the woman, the less pronounced the use of the g factor to achieve orgasm. It should also be taken into account that, according to sexologists, the task of finding the supererogenous point is relevant only for women who cannot experience orgasm at all.

How to determine the coordinates of a partner point?

If the problem of the location of the ji area in women can be solved using the touch method, then the question of how to find the partner's g point is not difficult at all.

Finding such a place in the male half is easier, you don't need a training video. An analogy of the ji point is the prostate gland.

There is such an erogenous spot near the urethra from the bottom of the bladder (this can be seen on the video). To get to a man's "g spot", you must use the anus. In practice, it looks like this: a finger is gently inserted into the anus and a slight bulge is found on the side of the abdomen. This will be the g zone. It is located somewhere four to five centimeters from the entrance to the anus.

Not all men will like the extraordinary sexual activity of women. Some representatives of the stronger sex negatively evaluate such attempts by women to find a place for erogenous stimulation.

intimacy and location from the point

Another important note: the partner should not have long and sharp nails. If he managed to find the location of the g zone, then it is better to use a special lubricant for caressing. All these actions must be done very carefully.

If the partner decides to find a unique zone g, then it is advisable to use a different method. You can watch the dedicated video above.

By mutual agreement, try to find a valuable object called "g-spot" through tactile research. For some couples, g magically transforms intimate life, making it richer and more passionate.

Exploring each other's bodies, lovers can achieve real pleasure!