Nuts to increase potency: tasty and effective!

beans for potency

Since ancient times, nuts have been a storehouse of useful components and a champion among natural medicines to maintain human health.

In most cases, men do not want to see and recognize the first signs of potential problems. But the inevitable passage of time only emphasizes the difficulties ahead, so you should find a safe way and quickly help solve this unpleasant problem. Of course, modern pharmacology offers a large number of different effective ways to increase potency, but tasty and healthy natural nuts can improve the situation.

hard nuts

The energy and nutritional value of any nut is priceless and great. Nutritionists think that if there is no more food left on Earth except the fruits of walnut trees and shrubs, then eating only them, one will be able to get all the proteins, fats and carbohydrates necessary for health, natural mineral oils, vitamins. , microelements, starch and many other useful components.

The composition of all nuts has almost the same list of components, so all types have a stimulating effect on men. in particular:

  • unique proteins included in beans are known as amino acids: cystine, arginine, alanine. During their assimilation in a man's body, hormones are synthesized that are responsible for erection, ejaculation, sperm quality and orgasm;
  • unsaturated fatty acids, entering the digestive tract, contribute to the normal production of steroid sex hormones. Thanks to them, many processes that occur in the male body and are responsible for the sexual component work better and more stable;
  • an impressive list of vitamins and microelements that make up the fruit improves the quality of metabolic processes in the body and participates in the metabolic reactions of a man, including the genital area;
  • natural antioxidant selenium, compounds of zinc, iron and sulfur contribute to the synthesis of testosterone. Zinc, which is the main ingredient for testosterone production, is very important to maintain potency;
  • potassium and magnesium help the heart work, and good heart activity is the key to successful sexual intercourse;
  • vitamins group B, PP, A and E in combination and separately effectively stimulate male lust and constant attraction to the opposite sex.

Nuts - friends of men's health

In nature, there are more than 30 types of fruits that can be eaten in the shell, so first you need to think about which nuts are good for men for potency.

According to nutritionists, almost all nuts are useful for men's health. Therefore, answering the relevant question for men, "Which nuts are good for potency? "you can answer with confidence - choose the one you like the most and eat it for health. The main thing is that they are eaten every day, and not occasionally.

For this purpose, constant access to the core should be provided, for example, put a special small vase with nuts near the computer and enjoy your favorite fruits every day. You can also sprinkle any salad, cottage cheese with chopped seeds in the morning, or make a mixture of nuts with honey and apples. The main thing is that nuts for potency in men should always be eaten fresh and raw, without heat treatment.

The most popular and affordable fruits

The best and most common nut for men's health in our area is the walnut. It is affordable and can be grown in your own garden. The harvest of walnuts occurs every year, their cultivation does not cause many problems.

Walnut seeds rank first among their counterparts in terms of zinc content, they contain a large amount of various essential oils and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts can be eaten with sour cream or honey. It is recommended to eat at least 15-20 walnuts per day.

beans and their benefits for potency

Almonds are an equally popular and favorite type of nut. The soft and pleasant taste, as well as the high content of protein and vegetable vitamins, have made almonds a common fruit in cooking and not only. Amino acids and trace elements contained in almonds contribute to the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn increases male potency.

Since nuts affect male potency, nutritionists advise preparing a delicious and healthy almond drink in the morning. A high potency tone will help maintain 1 glass of milk, a few teaspoons of honey, 5 crushed almonds, and if desired, 2-3 cardamoms can be added to the drink.

Pine nuts for potency in men, according to Northerners, are the most nutritious and healthy. And hazelnuts help treat congestive prostatitis and have a positive effect on a man's nervous system.

No less useful is nutmeg: it is worth paying attention to men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Whole nutmeg must be grated on a fine grater and mixed with milk and chopped bananas. This cocktail perfectly stimulates the central nervous system and improves reproductive function.

Cashews are a recognized aphrodisiac and dietary nut. It contains less fat than other types. Cashews are nutritious and healthy nuts, which effectively strengthen the immune system and prevent prostate disease.


Many factors can weaken men's health - from age to constant stress and poor ecology. The main thing is not to give in to the panic, but to find out the cause of the loss of potency and return to its former sexual form.

The most effective helper of the strong human half is the nut. The use of these fruits should be a useful and regular habit for every adult man. Which nuts are useful for potency, which will help relieve mental and mental stress, and which are contraindicated for certain diseases, your doctor can help you figure it out.

It should also be remembered that potency cannot be improved only with the help of walnuts. It is influenced by other factors - it is necessary to give up addiction, exercise regularly and monitor nutrition. Only in this way can every man increase his potential.