Ways to increase potency

Problems with erection, both premature and late, painful sensations in the pelvic area, impaired potency have been dealt with since ancient times. Then this issue is resolved with the help of herbs and lotions. In our time, medicine has stepped forward and uses more methods in which potency can be increased.

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To date, so many drugs have been created that you can get confused in the choice. Therefore, below we will consider 4 main methods to increase potency.

1. Injection pharmacotherapy (IKP)

It sounds complicated, of course, but it's actually quite simple. Injection pharmacotherapy (IPT) is one of the most expensive, but no less effective methods of increasing potency. Its essence lies in the fact that with the help of injections, the penis is given a special preparation that dilates blood vessels. The effect can be seen in 70% of cases. An erection occurs immediately, regardless of whether there is sexual desire or not. This method of treatment is indicated even for people with diabetes and diseases of the circulatory system. The only caveat is that the injection must be prescribed by a doctor and it must be carried out by a specialist with skills in this matter.

2. Carry out therapy with tablets

One of the most common treatments. Due to the ease of use and low cost of tablets. Apply 20-40 minutes before sexual intercourse. Not addictive even with long-term use. The appearance of side effects depends only on individual intolerance to the elements. The only negative factor that can be observed is the psychological dependence on the use of drugs to increase potency, that is, a person from time to time, that without using pills, he will not be able to do anything and , naturally, the recommendation startsworks.

3. Balanced diet and therapeutic exercise

The use of this method is more prophylactic than curative. It is also used for psychological problems of patients. The program is compiled by experts in the field and includes specially selected diet and gymnastic exercises.

4. Surgical treatment

Of course, this is the least desirable method, so it is used when the other 3 methods are not suitable. The operation is performed on the penile vein or including prosthetics with the use of drugs for potency.